Online Anonymity not so anonymous anymore?

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by now.. most people have already heard about the “liskula Cohen” case.

she sued some girl on the internet for calling her quote unquote “skank” and “hoe” (not sure with the spelling)

a couple of feminist stuff happened since the judge was also a girl and she won. lolz. then she up and claimed the person was something irrelevant to her life.

to Liskula Cohen: if you are reading this.. WHY DID YOU SUE THE GIRL IF SHE WAS IRRELEVANT TO YOUR LIFE?

but this takes the online anonymity thing a whole other level. what will happen to our rights then? if i say that the bitch is a fucking whore will FBI dudes come busting down my door as well? and most likely rape me before i go to jail?

to those who may or may not be familiar with the shitstorm. here are some references.

here and more info here at encyclopedia dramatica


this girl (liskula Cohen)



this girl.

i support online anonymity. this shit that just happened is pure madness. and not the sparta kind of madness.


Whatever happened to crazy UP college student turned psycho killer?

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if there is something i learned from psycho killing movies is that..

crazy killer people start off with killing animals.. then they advance to kill people.

not sure if i should translate the whole video i linked. but basically the video says..

the cat killer “apologizes” for killing a cat. BUT for Philippine’s Animal Welfare Society (PAWS),  a sorry is not enough.

animal cruelty is against the law. thats even true in the united states. the killer even claimed it was an “Accidental” crime. when his blog clearly stated all of the brutality he did, thus making it a crime. a delict if you might say. sentencing of these kinds of behavior can be from 6 months to 2 years. thats pretty old news i think, i dont have any new updates on the matter.

Cat Killer in UP Diliman is Joseph Carlo Candare

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well here i am again, i was doing my random foruming some while ago until i stumbled upon this blog. normally that would all cool and part of the routine, until of course you read the shit it had. basically, the title of this blog sums that all up, its about a UP student fucking killing an innocent cat. hmm now i’m not sure if that legal in some places, but around here, thats illegal shit!

the fucker even blogged about how he killed this said cat, allow me to quote this motherfucker.

. First day sa supercon. Lunch time came. On our way out of old NIP I saw the cat I almost killed last Tuesday. Now everyone knows I hate cats. It’s an unexplainable feeling towards them. Like some internal hatred. Hindi ko talaga alam kung bakit pero anumang pagpipigil sa sarili ay hindi sapat upang mapangibabawan ang panggigil ko sa mga pusa. I pulled it on its tail and threw it. Then like some pro wrestler I jumped on it and my feet landed on it’s torso. Slam! Felt good! But the cat didn’t die, well not yet. It ran for it’s life and just as I was about to catch up on it somebody yelled: “Pwede bang pabayaan mo yung pusa?!”. It was instant and involuntary. I stopped on my tracks. Nobody ever stopped me when assaulting cats. Well I guess there’s always a first time for everything. The cat got away. Or at least that’s what i thought. So we went to lunch Mel, Jayson, Tracy and me. After lunch, balik na sa kung anumang naiwang gawain. Then Tracy and Mel told me ” Hui Jc napatay mo yung pusa”. Hours later, habang abala sa XRD, a guy came in. Tanong niya: “Sinong pumatay dun sa pusa?” Bang! Dat was me boi. Guilty as charged. I didn’t see it die pero sabi ni Myles it coughed up blood or at least something like that daw. Didn’t realize I gave it a fatal hit. This isn’t the first time I’ve killed a cat but this time it’s different. It didn’t occur to me back then that the cat had a leash. So I think somebody owns it. Well it’s very well loved in NIP from what I heard and I just ended it’s life.

So there you go I’m sorry. And I wont be striking another one for maybe about a month. It feels good when your beating it(a cat) up but you suddenly feel something strange when it turns off permanently. That’s how I feel right now. And maybe for the next days. Dang, am I a cat serial killer?

thats pretty much the shit. and now i am spreading the word. since this kinda shit is illegal under the.. The Animal Right Bill 8485

so other animal rights supporters like myself am filing charges against this motherfucker. and we got a lot of big names backing us up. like, PAWS, The Animal Welfare Coalition and Care and Responsibility for Animals (CARA). Someone already wrote to the Chancellor of UP (yeah, dungis!) to have him expelled.

here is the guys mug as well..


excuse my language by the way since i cannot contain my rage

extra joss site!!

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its the best i could do in such short notice.
hope you guys enjoy it even so.

Extra Joss

Anxiety Test Survey

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i have pretty much made a survey app on facebook that considers your anxiety. and test whether you have a high or low anxiety level. check it out some time.

you can check the thing out here at my facebook link

My PopUrl site

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as everyone may know already,  PopUrl, is the best when finding the latest news on anything on the web. its a pretty rocking feature at that as well.

your probably asking why i made one if their is already one thats good. simple, for no good reason. lol. anyways you can check it right here at

Poly9 FreeEarth

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you probably asking to yourself what in the hell is this? is this a knock off of google earth? well not really, as you can see in my demonstration


you can also browse other features they have at their main site as well.